Sundridge and Ide Hill Charities

Published: 25 May 2020


The first record of a charity in the parish was in 1583 when Rev John Appleby gave an annuity of three shillings and four pence for the benefit of the poor of the parish. In 1638 Mrs Elizabeth Smith, also known as Crane, left income from one sixth of the rent from the tenement at 17 St Ann’s Lane in the City of London for the benefit of the poor of the parish.

In 1646 Mrs Ellen Lewis gave fifty shillings a year payable out of rent from Westfield, also known as Lewis’s Field, in the parish. Of that twenty six shillings and eight pence was for 4 sermons a year to be preached on St Stephen’s Day, Good Friday, Whit Sunday and 5th November, twenty shillings a year was for 3 bibles to be given to maidservants who could read, and the remaining three shillings and four pence was for bread to be handed out after the Good Friday sermon to 20 poor inhabitants, unless hindered by sickness.

In 1719 Humphrey Hyde gave six pounds a year for the education of 10 poor children of the parish. Five pounds of that was for a master to teach them to read, write and cast accounts, and one pound was for books. In 1776 John Hyde gave six pounds a year to 12 poor families of the parish

In 1819 Bishop Porteus, the Bishop of London who lived in Sundridge, donated the interest from a thousand pounds to six poor cottagers of good moral character who frequented divine worship on Sundays both morning and afternoon. Interest from six hundred pounds was payable to 3 young women, daughters of poor cottagers, on the day after their marriage to 3 labourers of the parish, all being frequenters of divine worship both morning and afternoon and of good moral character. The interest from two hundred pounds was for the upkeep of his tomb. Interest from a further two hundred pounds was for the upkeep of the well outside his house, and interest from three thousand six hundred and fifteen pounds was for augmenting the stipend of the vicar of Ide Hill.

In 1916 Eliza Martyr left funds for the purchase and maintenance of a playground in Church Road, Sundridge. That is a separate charity which is still administered by the parish council. Finally, in 1918 Frederick Watson left two hundred pounds for the benefit of 4 people of labouring classes over the age of 65 in memory of his wife Annie.

All funds, except for the Eliza Martyr Playground Trust, have now been consolidated into the Sundridge Relief in Need Charity. They are for the benefit of the whole of the parish, not just the village of Sundridge. The constitution states that the trustees can use the funds to relieve need, hardship or distress to any persons resident in the parish, and in exceptional circumstances to residents immediately outside the parish.

When an application is made the applicant is asked to complete a simple form which is referred to the trustees. Applicants no longer have to attend divine worship twice on Sundays, and the trustees do not require proof of good moral character. The affairs of the charity are strictly confidential and no one should be afraid to make an application if they or anyone they know is in need of assistance.

The trustees are:

Liz Denbigh, Ide Hill - 01732 750435

Roni Lovegrove, Ide Hill - 07710 106191

Sarah Critchlow, Ide Hill - 01731 750451

Joanne Rutter, Sundridge - 01959 565334

John Evans, Sundridge - 01959 563660

Revd Pam Davies, Sundridge Rectory - 01959 467223

Treasurer and Secretary:

Nick White - 01959 564145